Got Spare Change?

I’m a certified personal trainer!  And as a perk I receive a the Fitness Journal, a monthly publication for those of us who have the privilege of influencing the health and well being of our clients, keeping us up to date on the latest research and trends in fitness.  This month’s cover story is “The Mysterious Journey of Behavior Change,” written by Dr. Erin Nitschke.


The above graphic is a representation of the TransTheoretical Model of change.  I believe that gaining a basic understanding of this process is the true beginning of change – knowing how to identify where you are in relation to a change you want to make.  Also, you’ll have a firm path to follow to achieve your goal!!  As a 37 year old woman, mother of two and wife to one, I like having a map to follow, or better yet a GPS to tell me where to go.

*the next paragraph is a bit of a sell, so if you’re not into it, Thanks for reading!!!

And that’s where I come in!!  I can put on several different accents (OK, maybe just two) to guide you to the next step in your fitness/wellness goals.  I’ve got listening ears to hear you, your needs and goals and I’m armed with strategies to help you get there!!



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