New Year Cheer!

It’s the last Sunday before the new year.  The last yoga class.  The last moment before its time to start all over again.  I was listening to Martha Stewart on NPR this morning, talking about how she doesn’t make new year’s resolution because she’s already very regimented. At first listen it sounded a bit snobby, but she was able to put a nice spin on that stating that she breaks new habits almost immediately and that she’s so impressed with people who can make big changes.  Although I’m not anywhere close to being as regimented as Martha, I still agree with her.  I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I am a work in progress.  The thing that is different about this year is that I feel like I’m no longer trying to heal.  I do the work and see the results, or I don’t do the work and I have to deal with the consequences that follow.  It feels amazing to longer identify with pain, or what I got wrong or didn’t do right.  I still have those thoughts but I recognize those thoughts as (for the most part) habitual memories.  I’m a recovering chaotic person, who realized this year that I’m doing really well. And so, in honor of living my healed life  –  here are the things that I look forward to refining for myself in 2019!

  1. Putting more effort into my news letter.  I have a lot to say and I intend to say it, by typing it out. 
  2. Then I will turn that blog into my  podcast.  This will require more journaling. 
  3. Journaling.  I’ve already started that.  Its been a lovely thing that I’ve come back to.  As a child I was an avid journaler. 
  4. I’m looking forward to getting back to the things that I was curious about as a child.  I loved a good schedule, I really did.  And now its time to get back to having a solid schedule – a bed time and a wake time that is consistent. 
  5. And lastly, but maybe more important – my personal yoga practice.  Refining a practice that leaves me feeling strong and capable. 

So, now that I’ve put this all out there I’d better follow through.  I think my voice has a lot to add.  I check out the top ten lifestyle blogs and I am left a bit concerned with what is being left out.  I hope to add some information on moving forward, gaining control over our emotional intelligence, and more.  Also, below is a link to the interview with Martha – if hosting a rad party is on your list, give it a listen!!




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