Mindful SelfCare

My skin got a beating this winter. The cold air, the forced heat in my house. Throw in some dehydrating beverages and I was struggling to keep my skin in youthful condition. So I listened to one of my favorite podcasters, Jackie Michele Johnson of Natch Beaut and got a facial in the name of self care. (I also got some home products and cleaned up my beverage choices).

But as I was lying there getting lovely products smeared all over my face, my brain took over. I started reviewing my latest screw up, analyzing poor behavior and judgement and thinking about how long it will take to regain trust and how much it added to the total number of times I’ve made the same mistake.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my meditation practice, learning to be present and suddenly I caught myself. I reminded myself that there was nothing I could do, at that moment, that would fix what I had done. The only outcome of me giving into that thought pattern was me feeling shitty about myself. That is not self care.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for three years now, and I still feel quite new to the whole concept. When I feel myself drifting away, I’m reminded that bringing myself back IS the practice. I will have to course correct from time to time, but the work of the practice is the prize. And during this facial, the work paid off. I enjoyed myself. There were a few more instances where I had to get out of my head during that one hour, and I did just that. I noticed and course corrected.

If you notice that your mind takes you to a negative place when things slow down, during self care for instance, then please remind yourself that you are a human being who makes mistakes and STILL deserves to enjoy life, even pamper yourself. If you need a justification, here it is. How much better will you be at repairing torn moments with the ones you love if you’re rested and cared for? Also, doing the work of changing behaviors is self care. Its challenging self care, for sure. When you meet those challenges, stand up to what you need to adjust in your behavior or judgement calls in order to have a happier experience, that may be the deepest form of self care.

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